The AAOHN Leadership Institute workshop focuses on the development of nursing leadership qualities and skills. As an association, we feel developing leaders from our membership is important to our professional specialty’s growth.  It is recognized as a leadership foundation for Occupational Health Professionals to organizations. Offered virtually this year, AAOHN will provide sessions for attendees viewing on-demand and three virtual live discussion sessions with presenters.

Lead Presenters:

Kim Olszewski, DNP, CRNP, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN, FAAN, and Barb Maxwell, MHA, RN, COHN-S, CCM, CWCP, QRP, FAAOHN


  • Virtual Hybrid Course
  • Asynchronous lectures released weekly for three weeks
  • Weekly “Discussion with the Presenters” sessions via Zoom live broadcast
  • Each Saturday session to include:
    • Question and Answer session
    • Panel discussion reviewing leadership topics/issues you are experiencing
    • Past Attendees to discuss successes and barriers to application
    • Discussion regarding questions or comments pertaining to additional readings
    • Active interaction with any other “hot items” to discuss during “round-robin” time

Additional reading material, case studies, activities and resources will be provided. Recorded lectures and handouts will be available from September 10, 2021, thru October 10, 2021.

More information to come on presenters, sessions, and final CNE.

From Past Attendees

61% of past attendees identified participation in the workshop will help them do a better job.

55% gained one or more specific ideas to implement in their area of practice for professional development.