Vision and Mission

AAOHN is guided by its vision and mission statements. The vision of the organization is that work and workplace community environments will be healthy and safe.

Click here to read the AAOHN Bylaws.

The mission is to ensure that occupational and environmental health nurses are seen as the authority on health, safety, productivity and disability management for worker populations.  AAOHN achieves its mission through the following activities:

  • Advancing the profession by offering a number of innovative professional and leadership development, networking, and career opportunities.
  • Protecting the profession by advocating for legislation, regulations and public policy that positively impact occupational and environmental health nursing.
  • Promoting the profession through a marketing and public relations campaign that emphasizes the value of occupational and environmental health nurses to employers, employees, government, alliance organizations and other important groups.
  • Guiding the profession by providing a number of products and services to address the distinct roles that occupational and environmental health nurses fill in business.

These include:

  • Communications
    • plus LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
    • Networking opportunities via online discussion forums and directories
    • An annual state of the association town hall
    • A monthly membership newsletter

  • Education
    • An annual continuing nursing education (CNE) conference
    • Live and on-demand CNE webinars
    • A peer-reviewed journal, Workplace Health and Safety with CNE modules

  • Career
    • Job search & post

  • Practice
    • Code of Ethics
    • Standards of Practice
    • Competencies
    • A Core Curriculum and reference study guides
    • Public policy guidance
    • Position Statements

  • Chapters
    • Operational resources
    • A chapter leader newsletter
    • Quarterly town halls
    • Consultation and mentoring

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of AAOHN is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses is, what it does and why it does it, all with a focus on the future.

The Executive Board along with Executive Management develops a long-term vision and a short-term plan to address the needs of the OHN community. This plan establishes goals over a period of years that assumes the organization will need to respond to a dynamic, changing environment. View our current strategic plan here.