Renew your AAOHN Membership today!

You can also renew by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your account using the link in the top right corner of the site.
  2. Once logged in, hover over My Options in the top right hand corner and select My Profile.
  3. In Your Profile, click on the Membership Tab.
  4. An invoice should have already been created for you for your pending membership renewal. Click Invoice.
  5. On your Invoice, you have the option to Pay with Credit Card, Pay by Third Party, or Send in a Check. You can also email or download this invoice to send to your employer. 

Has your AAOHN Membership Expired? You can Still Renew Today!

If your AAOHN Membership has expired, you are now an AAOHN Guest User in our system.

  1. Click here to begin.
  2. In Your Profile, from either the Profile or Membership tab, you can then select "Add Individual Membership" from the Actions drop down menu (the button with three dots). 
  3. Once you select "Add Individual Membership" you can then select the appropriate membership type you would like to renew as. 
  4. After the membership is selected, complete the steps to update your personal profile.
  5. Add any chapter affiliations by clicking the Add button next to the chapter name.
  6. Once completed, you can continue through the billing step to generate your invoice and provide payment by credit card or check.

Enroll in Auto-Renewal

Don't want to worry about forgetting to renew or planning to renew your membership? Let us take care of it by enrolling in Auto-Renewal! When you submit payment for your AAOHN membership renewal, a pop-up window will ask you to enroll in Auto-Renewal - all you have to do is click "OK." The card information will be saved and charged on the last day of the month before your membership expiration, and we will always notify you if there are any disruptions on your card. 

*Please note this option is only available when you start or renew your AAOHN membership, and staff cannot enroll you once payment has already been submitted

Questions? Contact us at or 312.321.5173