Standards of Practice

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc. (AAOHN), the professional association for occupational and environmental health nurses, establishes and promulgates standards for this nursing specialty based on the scope of practice. AAOHN has identified the 11 professional practice standards that describe a competent level of performance with regard to the nursing process and professional roles of the occupational and environmental health nurse. 

Code of Ethics

The AAOHN Code of Ethics augments standards of nursing care, providing a non-negotiable ethical framework for decision-making and evaluation of nursing actions as occupational and environmental health nurses (OHNs) fulfill their professional responsibilities to society and the profession within their licensed scope of practice. The Code is a statement of the ethical values, obligations, duties and professional principles of occupational and environmental health nurses individually and collectively.

Position Statements

AAOHN has taken positions on a number of issues related to occupational and environmental health nursing practice.Click here to view AAOHN's position statements. 


The Competencies in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing provide the core for practice in the specialty of occupational and environmental health nursing. Click here to access AAOHN's Competencies in OHN, free to members.

COHN Exam Course

Click here for more information on becoming certified. 

4th Edition of Core Curriculum

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Core Curriculum Study Guide

The Online Study Guide for the Fundamentals of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing, AAOHN Core Curriculum, 4th edition is a series of test items intended to be used in conjunction with the Core Curriculum by nurses who wish to assess their baseline knowledge in occupational and environmental health nursing, prepare for certification in the specialty, or complete a review of the core knowledge in occupational and environmental health nursing for purposes of professional development.

When you purchase the Study Guide, you’ll receive:

  • Access to the 16 chapters of the Core Curriculum. [Not the full book]
  • An exam to test your retention of knowledge after reading each chapter. There are approximately 20 exam questions per chapter or a total of 364 test items.
  • An evaluation to measure your accomplishment of the objectives for the content of the chapter.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Continuing nursing education (CNE) credit. For the comprehensive course (or all 16 chapters), you will receive 41.25 CNE. If you purchase individual chapters, the number of CNE varies by chapter.

The Study Guide is available to AAOHN members for $70 and to nonmembers for $95*. It is accessible on the AAOHN Online Academy.

To purchase the Study Guide, visit AAOHN's Online Academy.

*Pricing reflects purchase of comprehensive guide. Individual chapters also can be purchased separately.

While the AAOHN Core Curriculum Study Guide is an excellent review tool for certification or recertification, the study questions do not duplicate the questions that will be found on a certification examination. AAOHN did not collaborate with any professional certification organization to develop the questions in the study guide.