Occupational and Environmental Health Nurse Career Resource Guide

The purpose of this Career Guide is to assist current occupational and environmental health nurses to advance their career by increasing their knowledge and building skills specific in the field, in order to achieve higher performance, self-actualization and advance the specialty. The guide also contains pertinent information for nurses who may be interested in becoming occupational and environmental health nurses, and want to know where or how to start.

An occupational and environmental health nurse’s practice includes specific education, certification, professionalism, and specialized knowledge of a variety of laws and regulations with which other nurses may not be concerned, various standards and competencies.  It includes life-long learning and development.  This guide barely scratches the surface with only a few pertinent journals, websites, agencies and organizations that can support occupational health nursing competencies.   

Information in this guide is organized into three major areas

The Occupational and Environmental Health Nurse Career

Occupational and Environmental Health Nurse Practice

Occupational Health Nurse Professionalism