Guidelines for Sharing Your Projects & Research Online

If you would like to share your research or solution-based project for publication online, please complete the Evidence-based Projects & Research Abstract Form and send a 250 word abstract to AAOHN's Director of Education Kathleen Buckheit at We welcome submissions from occupational health nurses and others in all occupational health nursing categories.

An abstract must:

• Designate whether it is research or an evidence-based practice project / quality improvement project.

• Clearly state the:

o Title

o Name and credentials of abstract author

o Background, Description, Aim/Purpose or Problem

o Methods

o Results / Summary

o Conclusion

o Implications for practice and research, etc.

Studies or projects that do not yet have results or summaries should be held until final results/findings and conclusions/recommendations are available.

To qualify for publication online, your abstract will be reviewed by an independent team of peers, using the following criteria:

• Background & Aims/Purpose (background justifies purpose, purpose is comprehensive and concise, significance/impact addressed)

• Methodology (Design and sample clear, procedure; clear, methods fit; aims/purpose; measures well described; analytic technique)

• Results/Conclusion (clarity, comprehensiveness, relevance to occupational and environmental health nursing, consistency with aims/purpose, addresses clinical application/contribution to science)

• Technical Criteria (grammar, spelling, organization, logic, use of color, formatting, meets size specifications)

All abstracts must show clear and accurate interpretation of implications and recommendations for practice, education, policy and/or future research.

Any abstract over 250 words will not be considered.