Evidence-based Projects & Research Collaborative

The AAOHN Evidence-based Projects & Research Collaborative is intended to serve as a research-to-practice resource through which practicing occupational and environmental health nurses (OHNs), students, and senior scientists who have passion for improving the health and safety of workers can come together to collaborate. It is a place where members can showcase their projects and research. It’s an ideal forum for members with ideas and data to connect with other qualified OHNs or students looking for a project. Projects may be led by members in academic or non-academic (e.g., industrial, corporate) settings. Members may seek or gain expertise in establishing aims, preparing application for funding, analyzing data, or preparing results for dissemination (e.g., for publication or evidence-based proposal for an employer or labor union). In addition, the Collaborative is a place where OHNs come with practice issues to find other OHNs who may have some of the same problems and be willing to collaborate to create an evidence-based solution.

Networking among members will take place through planned roundtable meetings at the annual AAOHN National Conference, and through occasional email correspondence. Interested persons may submit a request to join using the links below:

To receive Collaborative emails: Send an AAOHN's Director of Education, Kathleen Buckheit, at kbuckheit@aaohn.org with the following message in the Subject Line: Place me on EBP & R Collaborative Mailing List.

To join Roundtable meetings: Send an email to kbuckheit@aaohn.org with the Subject Line: Invite me to EBP & R Collaborative Roundtable Meetings. The meetings occur annually at Conference and during one to two toll-free Project/Roundtable conference calls each year.

You can view a few Abstracts Describing A Sample of Occupational Health Nursing Evidence-based Projects and Research (2016, 2015).

You can submit an abstract and share your project or research using the Guidelines for Sharing Your Projects & Research Online.