AAOHN Practice Resources

The Keystones of Practice for the Occupational Health Nurse are a series of guidance documents and educational modules that focus on:

  • Nursing management
  • Clinical practice, including condition management 
  • Safety and environmental health management
  • Case and disability management
  • Health promotion and wellness

A Staffing Tool to Determine the Workload and Cost for An Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Service is essential to answering two questions that constantly perplex occupational health nurses in practice, management and consulting, and employers and human resource managers who want to ensure they have appropriate personnel in their clinical setting: "How many OHNs should be employed for a specific size worksite?" OR "How can I justify another OHN or OH professional in my clinic?" This AAOHN Staffing Tool will allow any user to objectively document time and tasks to accurately determine specific staffing needs. It is not "one-size fits all". but rather a tool based on a worksite's individual needs; including tasks performed, time involved to complete each task, and required provider skill level. Now available in the AAOHN Online Store.

Establishing an Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Service (OHSS) is a hard copy nursing management essential that outlines the requirements, processes, decision points, and resources the that occupational and environmental health nurses and consultants will find beneficial when considering the establishment of an OHSS. Now available in the AAOHN Online Store.

Demonstrating Value is intended as a tool to guide you, the occupational and environmental health nurse (OHN), in selecting the best methods to demonstrate your value and the value of the programming and services you provide to employees within your organization. 

Demonstrating Value includes both monetary return on investment (ROI) and non-monetary value or intangible value on investment (VOI) benefits to demonstrate value. It summarizes a strategy process to follow, case examples, and tips from OHN leaders. It is based on interviews with identified leaders in the field, an AAOHN member survey, literature review, and case studies from OHN practices. Now available in the AAOHN Online Store.