Documents & Publications

Access information on publications produced by or endorsed by AAOHN and the Academy. Download issues of Workplace Health & Safety, the official journal of AAOHN.

Academy educational documents include:

  • Fundamentals of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing: AAOHN Core Curriculum, 4th Edition. This fundamentals outline provides a comprehensive overview of occupational and environmental health nursing. The 4th edition updates and expands common core knowledge in OHN practice. New underlying concepts throughout the book incorporate evidenced-based practice and a global perspective. Practical case studies are included to reflect specific examples of application to practice. In response to reader feedback, this new version has been extensively revamped into a narrative format, which allows for more in-depth discussion of critical topics. This text serves as a vital resource for a variety of readers, including beginning-level OHNs, experienced OHNs seeking a “consult” on a particular topic, OHNs studying for the occupational health nursing and other certification exams, faculty searching for authoritative source information, and interprofessional colleagues seeking information on the wealth of topics included in the 4th edition.
  • AAOHN Journal and Workplace Health & Safety Case Management Reference. This publication includes 45 articles from Workplace Health & Safety. Many articles are research-based and others are practice and solution-based and rely on the experiences of the authors. The articles are meant to help nurses who may be establishing a case management function, those at varying points in case management practice and those prepare for the case management certification examination given by the American Board of Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN). Many of the articles are listed in the ABOHN Case Management Candidate Handbook Study Reference.
  • AAOHN Journal Safety Management Certification Examination Study
  • Standards of Occupational Health Nursing. These Standards of occupational and environmental health nursing are developed by the profession to define and advance practice and provide a framework for evaluation. These authoritative statements describe the accountability of the practitioner and reflect the values and priorities of the profession.
  • Code of Ethics and Interpretive Statements. The AAOHN Code of Ethics is a guide for licensed nurses to maintain and pursue professionally recognized ethical behavior in providing occupational and environmental health and safety services.
  • Competencies in Occupational and Environmental Health for Occupational and Environmental Health Nurses. The Competencies document delineates nine categories of competency in occupational and environ¬mental health nursing. Within each category, three lev¬els of achievement or competence are identified. The Self-assessment support the individual nurse to evaluate his or her competency and identify gaps in education and experience to support progression to another level.