Compensation and Benefits Study

As the leading advocate for occupational health nursing, AAOHN is committed to enhancing career opportunities for nurses who specialize in occupational and environmental health.

From professional standards of practice to continuing education and networking opportunities, AAOHN provides valuable resources to members year-round. Periodically, AAOHN also conducts surveys to gather information related to OHN compensation and benefits. Since the last of these surveys was completed in 2006, much has changed in the economic climate and in healthcare in general. In 2013, AAOHN enlisted the services of Kerr and Downs, an external research firm, to conduct a fresh survey of the OHN population.

Survey Report Free for AAOHN Members

As an added benefit to AAOHN members, the comprehensive survey report is available to download free of charge to AAOHN members. This is a significant change from the 2006 report, when members were charged $40 to obtain the results of the study. Click here to access the report.

About the Study

The 2013 AAOHN Compensation and Benefits Study surveyed a population of nurses identified collaboratively by AAOHN, ABOHN and AOHP. The survey was conducted by email and the response rate was 27 percent. The complete report includes an executive summary and detailed information regarding:

  • Salary
    • member salary by member characteristics
    • changes in average salary
    • changes in median salary
    • determinants of salary
  • Benefits
    • benefit cross tabulations
    • job position and responsibilities
    • profile of responders