Demonstrating Value
Demonstrating Value

Demonstrating Value is intended as a tool to guide you, the occupational and environmental health nurse (OHN), in selecting the best methods to demonstrate your value and the value of the programming and services you provide to employees within your organization.  

While you may realize the value of your services, you may not have documented them or may not be able to articulate their value in business language.   Can you say why you or your staff provide a particular role, service or task; and how that role impacts the business? Or what would be the response if someone asked you what your most valuable service was and based on what criteria?

Demonstrating Value includes both monetary return on investment (ROI) and non-monetary value or intangible value on investment (VOI) benefits to demonstrate value. It summarizes a strategy process to follow, case examples, and tips from OHN leaders. It is based on interviews with identified leaders in the field, an AAOHN member survey, literature review, and case studies from OHN practices.


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