AAOHN recorded webinars

AAOHN strives to provide continuing nursing education (CNE) on subjects pertinent to the occupational and environmental nursing professional. These recorded webinars can be watched anytime, allowing you to earn CNE on your schedule and at your pace. 

Please Note:

Recorded Webinars are available in the AAOHN Academy Online Learning center located here. You may purchase by selecting a webinar link below or by browsing the Course Catalog in the AAOHN Academy. Access the Online Education center and navigate to the In Progress tab of your dashboard to view a purchased webinar. Your webinar evaluation and certificate are now included with the product in AAOHN Academy Online Learning center. Recorded webinars have a two year expiration for CNE.

OHN Specialty Topics - Recorded Webinars

New Product! Workplace Bullying: What Occupational Health Nurses Need to Know

1.0 Contact hours

Members: $20
Non Members: $35

Workplace Violence Prevention Program

3.5 Contact Hours

Members: $120
Non Members: $160

Please note: This is a 3 part series. You must complete all three webinars and evaluations to claim your certificate.

Where is My Mind? Opioids, Cannabis, and Substance Use Disorder in the Workplace

4.5 Contact Hours

Members: $65
Non-members: $95

Please note: This is a 3 part series. You must complete all three webinars and evaluations to claim your certificate.

AAOHN Workplace Wellness and Safety Webinar Series

AAOHN's Workplace Wellness and Safety Webinar Series webinars are worth 1.0 CNE unless otherwise noted. 


Members: FREE 
Non-Members: $20

2020 Recorded Webinars

Ask, Advise, Refer-Quit, Don't Switch

Recorded on January 9, 2020

The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) Overview and Updates

Recorded on January 23, 2020

Traditional Health Teaching is out...Health Coaching is IN!

Recorded on February 6, 2020

How to Decrease Patient Resistance to Behavior Change

Recorded on March 12, 2020

Sars-CoV-2- COVID-19:Preparedness for Occupational Health Nurses

Recorded on April 9, 2020

Suicide: A Nurses Personal Journey After a Near Death Experience

Recorded on May 7, 2020

COVID-19 Worker Safety: What OHNs Need to Know

Recorded on May 18, 2020

Coping with COVID-19: Enhancing Emotional Well-Being In Times of Uncertainty

Recorded on June 1, 2020

Communication Training for the OHN: Developing Soft Skills and Tips for Your Toolbox

Recorded on July 16, 2020

New Product! Dr. (DNP), Dr. (PhD)... Give me the News!

Recorded on September 17, 2020

2019 Recorded Webinars

A Six Week Shoulder Injury Prevention Campaign

Recorded on January 24, 2019

The Power of Lifestyle Medicine

Recorded on February 21, 2019

Adult Immunizations in the Workplace

Recorded on March 21, 2019

How Well are You Really Washing Your Hands

Recorded on May 9, 2019

Identifying Dementia in the Workplace

Recorded on June 24, 2019

Public Health Emergencies: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Recorded on July 18, 2019

Bumps, Bruises, and Blood...Oh MY!

Recorded September 19, 2019

Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Disorders

Recorded October 7, 2019

Empowering the Occupational Health Nurse: Serving as Business Partner and Safety Advocate in the Workplace

Recorded October 24, 2019

Mental Health Matters and Diabetes in the Workplace

Recorded on November 14, 2019