Respiratory Protection Program Training and Resources

rpp1.PNGAAOHN’s Respiratory Protection Program includes a Respiratory Protection course and accompanying resources for occupational health professionals who want to learn more about OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard and the role of the Respiratory Protection Program Administrator. You do NOT need to be an AAOHN member to participate in this free training or access the training resources. 

Each module is self-paced and you can do it anywhere, anytime. If you need to log out while using the course, you may login and return to finish your course. 

Are you an OHN or Safety and Health Professional who is:

  • Working in an organization required to follow OSHA’s respiratory protection standard?
  • Responsible for leading your organization’s respiratory protection program?

1. OHN — Respiratory Protection Education and Resources (3 CNE)

This online learning tool is designed to train the OHN (and other safety professionals) to serve as their organization’s Respiratory Protection Program Administrator for purposes of meeting the requirements of the Federal OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (CFR 1910.134). This training is also ideal for the novice OHN who is interested in learning more about respiratory protection.

Each of the modules listed below can be accessed at the AAOHN Academy. Click on each title for additional resources that pertain to the module's topic. 

Module 1: An Overview of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard

Module 2: OSHA's Permissible Practice

Module 3: NIOSH Certified Respirators

Module 4: Respiratory Hazard Assessment

Module 5: Respirator Selection

Module 6: Respirator Maintenance

Module 7: Medical Evaluation

Module 8: Fit Testing

Module 9: Training on Respiratory Protection

Module 10: Written Program and Evaluation

The course runs approximately 90 minutes and includes numerous online links to external respiratory protection program resources. It is self-paced and you can stop at any time and pick back up at a later date. You can also access the course resources at any time. 

You will be awarded 3.0 CNE upon completion of the training and the accompanying evaluation tool.

2. Case Studies in Respiratory Protection:

    • Respiratory Protection in Healthcare: An Interactive Case Study for the Occupational Health Professional (1 CNE)
    • Respiratory Use in Emergency and IDLH Conditions — An Interactive Case Study for the Occupational Health Professional (1 CNE)
    • Elastomeric Respirator Use in Autobody Repair and Painting: An Interactive Case Study for the Occupational Health Professional (1 CNE)

3. Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers and Respiratory Training for Ancillary Healthcare Workers

These training modules include the required OSHA Respiratory Protection Training for healthcare organizations that have workers who are required to wear respiratory protection to perform their job. They should be coupled with in-person demonstration and training of N95 respirator use. 

Are you an OHN or Safety Professional in Healthcare who is:

  • Responsible for offering OSHA-mandated respiratory protection training for healthcare workers who provide direct patient care?
  • Responsible for offering OSHA-mandated respiratory protection training for ancillary healthcare workers who provide patient care, but could be at risk for exposure to biological hazards?


Are you a frontline or ancillary healthcare worker who:

  • Provides direct patient care (e.g., nurse, nurses’ aide, doctor, medical therapist/technician)?
  • Does not provide direct patient care, but interacts with patients in the healthcare setting that could place you at risk for exposure to biological hazards? (e.g., chaplain, housekeeper, dietary staff, maintenance worker)?

Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers (two 18-minute training programs)
At the completion of this training and the accompanying evaluation tool, the frontline healthcare worker will be awarded 1 CNE.

Respiratory Protection for Ancillary Healthcare Workers
Participants will receive a certificate of completion after viewing the module.

If you are interested in using this training for your healthcare workforce and need assistance with tracking workers who have completed the training, please contact AAOHN.

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Creation of AAOHN’s Respiratory Protection Programs and Resources was funded by NIOSH’s National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). This work was a collaborative effort between AAOHN, AOHP, ANA, and other organizations. It was led by Lisa Pompeii, RN, MS, Ph.D., COHN-S, FAAOHN and her team from the University of Texas School of Public Health, with support from an advisory board of respiratory protection experts from academic, government and private organizations. AAOHN would like to thank NIOSH for their generous support of this educational project.