Liberty Leadership Scholarship

Deborah A. Redmon, Catonsville, Maryland
"Knowledge is not worth anything if not shared. I plan on returning to Johns Hopkins University armed with new ideas and understanding that I will be able to share with my Occupational Health Care team. I am nothing if not an educator-with my children, with my family, friends and with every employee I see. There is always an opportunity to impart to others the new information gained through mentors and educational advancement. There is wisdom to be learned from lecturers, presenters and the companionship of others who are on the same journey as I. It is imperative to be prepared to continue on my chosen path as an Occupational Health Nurse armed with the newest information we have in healthcare in general and Occupational Health in specific.  What better way to improve leadership skills than making yourself available to learn and understand innovative techniques and ideas and then bring that knowledge home? In this extremely complicated era of nursing and healthcare, I can only hope to become an important cog in an extraordinarily complex wheel. The headlines we read in the papers only touch on the changes and challenges that healthcare providers must deal with routinely.  With the information learned at the 2015 AAOHN National Conference I will be ready for these challenges."
  2014 Recipient Gail Carchietta, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
“As a recipient of this scholarship, it affords me the opportunity to attend the 2014 Conference. In addition to the excellent slate of speakers, I will be able to experience the conference as we in Massachusetts prepare for the 2015 conference. The presentations will have a direct correlation with work practices.”
    Liberty Leadership Scholarship Recipient
          2013 Recipient       Chad Rittle, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
           Liberty Leadership 2013 Scholarship Recipient-1

Annette Haag Leadership Scholarship

Donna Fudale, Chapel Hill, NC
"Occupational and Environmental Health Nurses (OEHNs) must continually adapt to the needs of their populations. It is a struggle to stay relevant as a profession and deliver services that are valued to employers. By demonstrating OEHNs understanding of business, population health, workplace hazards, medical expertise and applying that insight to unique business needs with talents that are not possessed elsewhere in the business, OEHNs can demonstrate their personal value. This scholarship permits me the opportunity to attend the 2015 National AAOHN Conference. The networking and learning opportunities at the conference enable me to learn from the best experts in our profession. The presentation, Workplace Violence:  The Role of the Occupational Health Nurse, my colleague will deliver was based on my MPH paper for UNC. I am excited to share my findings and experiences with others in hopes that it will enhance the ability of OEHNs practicing in white collar, business environments to assess the risk of violence within their population, identify at risk situations and environments, and develop strategies in order prevent and/or minimize violence within their populations."
  2014 Recipient Deborah L. Fell-Carlson, Lebanon, Oregon
"This scholarship will allow me to attend the 2014 AAOHN Conference. Increasingly complex technology is impacting OEHN leaders in a variety of ways. Technology used by workers has unique and sometimes undiscovered hazards, such as nanotechnology. Knowledge of these unique hazards is limited; conference attendance provides access to experts to help us stay current and to be able to effectively protect our employees. Using technology to engage others allows us to reach remote workers in ways we have never done before. It also allows us to reach our peers working in remote corners of the world. To be effective, though, we must stay current on these technologies and how they can be used. Conference attendance provides opportunities to be exposed to a variety of new technologies in the sessions as well as exhibits. Both are critical."
    Annette Haag Scholarship Recipient

Continuing Education Scholarships Funded by Moore Medical

Marcia Bowman, Elmhurst, Illinois
"As the only nurse with the COHN-S credential at Elmurst Hospital, I feel the responsibility to take a leadership role in communicating the value of occupational health nurses. This conference will empower me to lead the way as an authority on health, safety, productivity and disability management for hospital employees. Since my hospital recently merged with another community hospital I am seeking additional knowledge and expertise in educating our new system leadership/management on the value of the OH nurse in managing costs and fostering a positive relationship with injured employees. I also hope this conference will help me in convincing my other co workser who are passionate about employee safety to join me next year for the AAOHN conference. Thank you for making this possible."

Pamela J. Fallon, North Andover, Massachusetts
"I am honored to receive this generous award. This award will be used to attend Annette Haag's Certification Review Course, additional occupational health programs and to sit for the COHN-S examination. I am grateful that you have selected me as the recipient of this scholarship." 
     MooreMedical Scholarship
  2014 Recipients Donna Zankowski, Olney, Maryland
"It is an honor to be selected to receive this continuing education scholarship from Moore Medical. For me, this scholarship is a validation that all of our efforts to advance occupational and environmental health nursing are truly important. For several years now I have been involved with advocating for safer and healthier work environments for healthcare workers. This scholarship helps me continue that effort by making attending this year’s AAOHN conference possible. Thank you so much Moore Medical!"

Margaret E. Lampark, Racine, Wisconsin
“This scholarship will assist me in attending the national conference. It provides an opportunity to stay current in this rapidly changing world.”
    Moore Medical Scholarship Recipients
          2013 Recipients Gail Carchietta, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
"It is an honor to receive this award that enables me to attend the 2013 AAOHN Conference. The excellent slate of speakers will broaden my knowledge of the practice of Occupational Health Nursing throughout our United States. Meeting with my colleagues will enable me to share practices in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in the workplace. What pearls of wisdom and programs will I be able to share! As President of MaAOHN, meeting with the Chapter Presidents will provide me insight as to how other states are meeting the needs of their membership within this challenging time in HealthCare. I will be able to share what I have learned with my membership and continue to lead my Board of Directors in meeting our membership’s needs. I look forward to seeing how the national conference unfolds as it will guide me in preparing for Massachusetts role in the 2015 AAOHN Conference and 100 Year NEAOHN celebration. Thank you!"

Katherine Zorb, Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
"As a certified occupational health nurse working at a remote military posting, I find myself constantly anticipating regulatory changes, recognizing the needs to develop protocols to address changes at the local level, and implementing the changes needed to meet a myriad of regulatory agencies, all while experiencing budget cutbacks. My occupational health nurses are Army spouses with limited occupational health experience upon hire. They routinely leave every three years, thus their mentorship is my priority. By attending the 2013 AAOHN Conference, funded by the Moore Medical 2013 Professional Development Scholarship, I will update my skills, expand my networking contacts and meet with those who mentored me. I want to improve my leadership skills to help the nurses that I mentor to not only perform the day-to-day requirements, but to look at the “big picture” to understand how occupational health interacts with industrial hygiene, environmental health, and community health to provide a safe environment for all employees. I need to assure that they understand that they have an active role in making that happen."
    Moore Medical 2013 Scholarship Recipients-1
  2012 Recipients     Sonia Joyner, Kinston, North Carolina
Sheila Kealy, Succasunna, New Jersey

Continuing Education Scholarships Funded by MediTrax

Phoebe M. Jones, Tustin, California
"This scholarship will relieve some of the financial burden so that I may continue my education in my chosen field. I feel that an advanced Occupational Health education will allow me to monitor our Medical Surveillance programs and to confidently serve as an on-site resource person for staff and management."

Marlys Nelson, Waterloo, Iowa
"This will help me maintain my knowledge base with up to date information to share with my colleagues and assist me in the services and care I provide for the workers at the companies we serve. Worker health and safety have been an important aspect of my career, assisting companies in meeting the requirements of OSHA as well as the personal health and wellness of their employees."
    MediTrax Scholarship
  2014 Recipients Jeanne Donahue, Randolph, Massachusetts
"After 25 years as an occupational health nurse, I have learned 2 important things. Occupational Health Nurses are generous of spirit with the sharing of knowledge and help. The other is there is always more to know. AAOHN Conference is in Boston next year, I plan to be an active participant in creating a wonderful experience for my colleagues."

Chris Murrell, Sheridan, Oregon
"The opportunity to participate at the National Conference will help me better understand current trends in the industry and allow me to bring that information back to the workplace to share with my staff of 12 Nurse Consultants.  As a medical resource to claims staff, employers, and internal and external customers for Oregon’s largest workers compensation insurer, staying current on worker health and safety information is integral to providing the most accurate and relevant assessment possible."
     MediTrax Scholarship Recipients
  2013 Recipients       Monica Fernandes, Gillette, New Jersey
"Receiving the AAOHN Foundation Scholarship will have a positive impact on my Occupational Health practice.  A little over two years ago, the Occupational Health Department within a major pharmaceutical company where I was employed for over twenty years was outsourced.  I was offered the opportunity to stay on in a contracted position.  At first, disappointed by the chain of events, I considered other career opportunities.  While doing so, I embraced the change and considered it a personal challenge and opportunity for growth.  My role has actually expanded dramatically over the last few years.  It has been a great experience, through which I have learned a great deal.
Working for a smaller company, my responsibilities are much broader. In addition to responsibilities for medical surveillance, emergency response, wellness, OSHA record-keeping and case management, I am responsible for staff recruiting and on-going performance management, at multiple sites.  While it is crucial that I keep my clinical skills sharp, and ensure that I remain current with best practices in the field of occupational and environmental health, I must take responsibility for mentoring and developing the staff members for whom I am responsible.  The focus of my professional development is shifting.  With increased management responsibilities, I am seeking educational opportunities to strengthen my administrative skills and competencies to help ensure the health and safety of our workforce."

Roberta Smith, Aurora, Colorado
"I am thrilled to win this professional scholarship award.  I am new manager of Occupational Health at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  While my background is in Environmental Health I have much to learn about workers’ compensation issues, injury prevention, and other employee health issues.  Since we are a non-profit hospital, this scholarship will help me benefit from my Occupational Health nursing colleagues and to learn from the vast expertise and experiences AAOHN has to offer.  I am happy to join this new profession and look forward to continuing my education so that one day I will be certified in the field."
    MediTrax 2013 Scholarship Recipients-1

Academic Scholarship Funded by UPS


Kimberly S. Headrick, Jasper, Georgia
"As I continue to advance my education and enhance my knowledge, I will be able to grow and help enhance the lives of our individuals and promote health and wellness."

Rebecca Libal, Anchorage, Alaska
"This scholarship will help me to complete my MSN at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with subspecialty in Occupational Health and certificate in education.  I plan to work in Anchorage at an Occupational Health specialty clinic with emphasis on providing care and education for workers in the gas and oil industry."


 UPS Scholarship

2014 Recipients

Juanita Kantner, Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
This scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my degree as a Nurse Practitioner and my Doctorate of Nursing Practice. This educational duo will afford me the opportunity to combine highly valued busness and leadership expertise along with clinical practice autonomy. An advanced practice nurse with an occupational health specialty possesses unlimited potential to play an influential role in the future and evolution of healthcare. My education will allow me to guide employers who are continually searching for ways to improve health and safety, control health care costs and provide quality health care benefits that employees will truly value.

Donna Zankowski, Olney, Maryland

    UPS Scholarship Recipients
           2013 Recipients Jennifer Stanton, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts – pursuing Advanced Practice Nursing degree
"I look upon this opportunity to express my deepest thanks for awarding me this remarkable opportunity. The UPS Foundation 2013 Academic Education Scholarship will support my continued studies toward obtaining a degree as an Adult and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner with a focus on occupational and environmental health and safety. My professional goals are to continue to promote health, wellness, and safety of the working population through education, evidence based research, and implementation of health promotion strategies. Particular topics of interest are occupational stress reduction, family health, and the safety and longevity of our aging workforce. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation; I will make sure that I make the best use of this outstanding opportunity."

Linda Przbysz, Cary, Illinois
Rush University’s College of Nursing – pursuing Advanced Public Health Nursing DNP
"The generosity of both The UPS Foundation and the AAOHN Foundation will contributed to my professional development as a leader so that I may make a meaningful contribution to the health and safety of the U.S. workforce and their families, while promoting the profession of Occupational Health Nursing. Nursing leaders contribute to innovative employer solutions that strive to create a health, productive and competitive organization."
    UPS 2013 Scholarship Recipient-1


2012 Recipients     

Stephanie Phelps, San Francisco, California
University of California San Francisco - pursuing PhD in Nursing Research

Linda Walker, Fresno, Texas
Columbia Southern University - pursuing Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health

Kate Michael-Ramos, Windcrest, Texas
Capella University -  pursing a Masters in Nursing with a focus on Leadership and Education

  2011 Recipient Courtney Kopko, Cincinnati, Ohio
University of Cincinnati - pursuing MSN in Occupational Health Nursing

Academic Scholarship Funded by Liberty Mutual

  2015 Recipients

Tena Hall, Odenton, Maryland
"Completing my Bachelor’s degree will enhance my skills to bridge from Occupational Health Nurse to an Occupational Health Nurse Consultant with a primary focus on staff and worker education. These skills will assist me in designing courses for OHN’s that focus on current issues directly related to maintaining a safe work environment and worker’s health on a global forum."

Stephanie Phelps, San Franciso, California
"The AAOHN Professional Development Scholarship for Academic Study, funded by Liberty Mutual Insurance, will assist in my dissertation study by allowing me the opportunity to travel to my data collection sites more frequently and recruit participants, which will result in research findings that are more generalizable due to a larger more diverse sample size.  I will also use the scholarship to attend national conferences to disseminate the research findings to both occupational health professionals and firefighters, in addition to disseminating the findings to fire departments.  I anticipate my research will impact firefighter health and safety by identifying risk factors for occupational injury, such as hearing loss, tinnitus, noise exposure, and occupational stress, ultimately reducing occupational injury rates and improving firefighter’s quality of life."


 LibertyMutual Scholarship

   2014 Recipients

Valerie Mac, Decatur, Georgia
Nurses are increasingly taking the lead in climate change awareness, remediation efforts and heat-related illness prevention in occupational populations. This scholarship will support my continued work investigating heat-related illness in Florida farmworkers, including continued data collection and the dissemination of recent findings to workers and key community members. Additonally, this scholarship will help to support my pursuit of an family nurse practitioner certification during my doctoral studies so that I will be prepared to care for patients in primary and occupational settings, gaining competencies needed to address emergent chronic conditions that workers face.

Jennifer Wilson, Pueblo, Colorado
“I will complete my baccalaureate degree in December 2014. I plan to then expand my COHN to COHN-S once I am able. I am looking into the next phase of my education and I plan to continue my professional development. I am considering pursuing either a Master degree in Public Health or a Master degree in Occupational Health. My current job position will end in 2017 and by that time I plan to be better educated to serve my community in occupational and environmental health nursing."


 Liberty Mutual 2014Recipient 541A3666

2013 Recipients     

Dana Betts, Clifton Park, New York
SUNY Plattsburgh – pursuing Bachelor’s in Nursing
"This award will help me pursue my advanced degree in nursing in order to provide my patients and clients with the most up-to-date information and care. My current position as an Occupational Health Nurse is a fluid position and this scholarship will help me undertake a new interest of travel health."

Valerie Mac, Decatur, Georgia
Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing – pursuing Doctor of Philosophy
"This scholarship will support my second phase of doctoral research on heat related-illness in Florida agricultural workers, promoting my progress towards a Ph.D in nursing specializing in occupational and environmental health. My work measuring physiologic indicators of heat stress coupled with self-reported symptoms will help to characterize the degree of heat stress experienced by this population. This information will help to inform heat-related illness prevention strategies and standards."


 Liberty Mutual Ins 2013 Scholarship Recipient-1