AAOHN will use a consistent format in listing credentials, as recommended by the American Nurses Association and the National League for Nursing.  We encourage our members to use this formatting as well as it is the standard to nursing credentials.

Academic degrees will precede professional titles.  Omit periods in the abbreviation of academic degrees.

  • Jane Doe, PhD, RN (not Jane Doe, R.N., Ph.D.)

List all degrees if earned in different disciplines, but list only the advanced degree in any one discipline (i.e., the baccalaureate or master’s degree is assumed).

  • Susan Scott, MA, RN (baccalaureate assumed)
  • Jane Doe, PhD, RN (baccalaureate and master’s assumed)
  • Lucie Smith, PhD, MBA, RN (degrees from different disciplines)
  • Nancy Nice, MBA, BSN, RN (degrees from different disciplines)

For dual doctorate, list the academic degree that was earned first.

Any state mandated licensure such as RN or LPN.

Any recognized designation that allows a nurse to practice at a higher level such as NP (Nurse Practitioner) or CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist).

Any national certifications earned through a nationally accredited certified accrediting body.

Any significant awards or honors recognized achievements in nursing such as FAAOHN.

Capitalize academic and other titles.

  • President Jane Doe
  • Jane Doe, MN, RN, CS, President, AAOHN
  • Ada Smith, EdD, RN, Dean, School of Nursing, Care University