Notice of Upcoming Bylaws Vote

The AAOHN Board of Directors is proposing a bylaws change that would reduce the size of the Board from 13 to eight by electing five directors to the Board of Directors, as opposed to the 10 directors that currently sit on the board, among other changes providing consistency throughout AAOHN's bylaws. This change in board size will follow the governance structure of many other nursing organizations including ANPD, AALNC and AIHA which have three officers and five directors.

Below are some of the ways the proposed bylaw change will benefit the membership:

  • Annually AAOHN would save on travel expenses.
  • The Board will be more engaged and able to make quicker decisions.
  • As AAOHN's membership has declined over the past several years, the Board composition will better represent AAOHN's current member base.
  • The AAOHN Election Committee struggles to find and recruit candidates to fill board positions. The reduced size will allow the Election Committee to focus their efforts on strong and interested candidates.

The bylaws vote will open on September 3 and close on October 4. To review the proposed changes to the bylaws, the below resources are available to help you make an informed decision.

Questions? Please reach out to AAOHN at

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