NDEP Materials to Help Your Patients Manage Their Diabetes

Learning to live with diabetes can be hard for your patients. When you talk to your patients this February, encourage them to take time during National African American History Month to learn the steps they need to manage their diabetes.

The National Diabetes Education Program offers tools and resources that you can use to help your patients manage their diabetes and stay motivated. New Beginnings: A Discussion Guide for Living Well with Diabetes contains tools and questions to start discussions about the emotional side of managing diabetes with those who have diabetes and their family members. New Beginnings offers the following eight modules to help you work with your patients:

Module 1 – Overview: Living well with diabetes

Module 2 – Know your ABCs

Module 3 – Coping with emotions

Module 4 – Overcoming self-doubt

Module 5 – Managing stress

Module 6 – Problem solving and emergency preparedness

Module 7 – Children and family: How can they understand?

Module 8 – Working with your doctor

"As an educator, I have a new beginning. Every day is a chance for me to transform my interactions to an empowerment model. My job is never to tell people what to do but to help them become more confident in living with diabetes," said Margaret B. Thearle, registered nurse and diabetes educator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

You play a key role in your patients' healthy behaviors, so tell them: "You can
do this!"

Check out these other resources from NDEP:

New Beginnings

Resources for African

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