Quarterly Hepatitis C Update from NVHR

Hepatitis C: It’s About More Than Liver Disease

It is well known that chronic HCV infection can lead to long-term liver damage and increased risk of liver cancer,

but did you know?

  • Health effects of HCV can appear in many parts of the body; 
  • Up to 74% of HCV-infected patients have symptoms outside the liver;
  • HCV can live in the body for many years, causing long-term inflammation and stress on immune system;
  • HCV virus invades cells in the body other than liver cells, including cells in the brain and immune system;
  •  HCV-related effects on other parts of the body can be an early indicator of HCV infection;
  • HCV treatment and the clearing of HCV from the body can relieve health conditions affecting multiple parts of the body.

For  information about specific HCV-related effects and conditions outside the liver, visit link below:


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