FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Occupational Health Nurses are Positioned to Lead the Efforts in the Fight Against Opioid Dependence

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses releases position statement on the occupational health nurses role in addressing the opioid crisis in the workplace

Chicago — The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) released a position statement to express its stance on the occupational health nurse’s (OHNs) role on the opioid crisis in the workplace.
The statement asserts that OHNs are skilled in assessing, diagnosing, and managing workers who are at risk for injury or addiction, related to opioid use and are well-positioned to lead efforts to prevent opioid-related injury, dependence, overdose and death.

OHNs are able to provide employee training and education, identify and address opioid use and abuse in the workplace while ensuring confidentiality, and advocate for comprehensive corporate policy making, comprehensive drug testing, and benefit programs.

“AAOHN is working in partnership with other occupational health, public health, and nursing organizations to create a multifaceted approach to reduce opioid morbidity and mortality,” said Patricia Strasser, PhD, RN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN, AAOHN Board of Directors. “AAOHN recognizes the need for OHNs to be actively involved in their workplaces, and is providing information and resources (e.g. educational initiatives, governmental advocacy and policy implementation) to support OHNs in promoting a safe work environment for themselves, workers, employers, and their families.”

To read the full AAOHN position statement of the OHNs role in addressing the opioid crisis in the workplace, visit


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